If you are in-between jobs you should have some sort of medical coverage to protect yourself from the unexpected.


If you are out of the Obamacare annual open enrollment window and do not have a qualifying event happen; your health insurance options are limited. Short-term health care insurance will be the best choice.


Plans are now limited to less than 3 months in duration, but that is likely to change by mid-2018.


Benefits of short-term health insurance:


  • Lower average premium
    • These plans a cheaper due to less coverage
  • The policies typically cover a range of doctors services, surgeries, and care. Policyholders typically can choose their own doctors and hospitals without restrictions.
  • Year-round enrollment
  • Next day coverage
  • Usable across the majority of the US
  • Ability to extend coverage. This would need to be under a new plan and it may or may not be the same as the first short-term policy.
  • They are not regulated by the ACA (Affordable Care Act); so they can still have annual and lifetime benefit maximums.


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